Updated: 2 March 1998 (mainly the new book section)

*note: The magazine section is still under construction (so, what else is new?). I still haven't had the time or opportunity to scan in the images (anyone care to donate a color scanner?).
In the meantime, I'll try to keep up with the "New Books" section.


Some of the artists we will be featuring in our galleries:

Ezda Beevers

(various media)

Ira Cohen
(cultural photographs)

Chris Paulsen
(pop art... exhibition now open)

Ron Reid

Gregory Sams
(computer-generated art... exhibition now open)

Louis Sarno
(Ndoki rainforest photographs... I've got the images, but no scanner)

Henry W.Targowski
(concrete poetry/collage)


Bookmarks -- Net Sites

("devoted to tasteless phenomena in all its forms")

(site by Alexa Robinson and friends... contains an online soap opera -- and you can participate... good fun... plus webpage design)

Art Com
(german arts page... technical commentary... sounds interesting, I think)

Beyond -- Adult Index
(daily tease, slide show, sex site of the day...)

(controversial site... lock-picking, bomb-making, hacking, phreaking, spying, scams, drugs, etc... recommended)

Celebrity Snack Palace
(weird stuff... includes samples from Captain Beefheart)

Charter 88
(proactive constitutional reform group in england... keeping tabs on the law)

Church of the SubGenius
(Reverend 'Bob' Dobbs... slackness and weird thoughts... recommended)

Cold Fusion Technology Home Page
(serious coverage of this topic... check it)

Crash Site
(online magazine with a postmodern view... cyberculture plus)

(there is a truly amazing computer light show at this site, described as an "Oscilloscope On Acid"... best I've seen... download now)

Fluxus Online
(fluxus exhibition... postDada... highly recommended)

HyperMedia Research Centre
(this is a site to watch... there are interesting things brewing here)

(a corporate site... market research of the online world... discover the true state of affairs... commercial nets down, internet up)

Internet Love Fest
(site swapping!)

Jayne Loader's Public Shelter
(includes the 'Slut's Code of Conduct', among other entertaining things... you'll like it)

Timothy Leary Home Page
(welcome to Leary's virtual home... nice cozy feel... though a bit ghostly now)

London Calling
(David Parry's and Paul Cohen's approach to London... includes excellent film reviews, Nottinghill Carnival information, Portobello Market, etc... has linked to Mark/Space... thanks!)

Mad Farmers Jubilee Almanack
(Hakim Bey at work... links to discordian sites... enjoy!... uncertain if still a functioning link)

(created by Stephen Miller, e-mail: visually stunning, a must see)

Naughty Links
(link site, index... updated URL)

The Official Cattle Mutilation Home Page
(weird and jovial)

State 51
(contains a good alternative tour guide to england, reviews, and other interesting things...
Cynthia Rose's Real Time Hot Tips is a treat... check it)

Survival Research Laboratories
(robot happenings, theater... brainchild of Mark Pauline... *note: this was the old URL)

Tangled Web
(strange and weird... lots of media... slow loading)

The Unofficial G.G.Allin Home Page
(from Japan... also includes 'Anti-Social Personality Magazine')

The Web-Inferno and Unabomber Manifesto
(recommended by Steven Snedker from alt.tasteless... so figure)
(sci-fi connection... has linked to Mark/Space... thanks!)
(John Kupersmith has written a conference paper on "architectural metaphors in the electronic library"... has linked to Mark/Space... thanks!)


Essays & Articles

"Baudrillard" by Pete Holdsworth
(Pete gave me permission to publish his essay, but I haven't been able to reach him to get the manuscript... he's just too busy with his new record label)

"Chaos" by Gregory Sams
(I've passed this article on to someone who volunteered to type it up... still waiting to get it back)

"Culture Jamming" by Mark Dery
(Mark Dery was our first contributor, but the original arrangement was for a one-time CD-ROM publication... so, you'll have to wait until we're ready with that, but check the online connection)

"Three Points of No Return -- Glimpses of the Future?" by Wolfgang Jeschke
(note: I have shamelessly appropriated this excellent essay because it deserves reading by a much larger audience than the one present at its original presentation at Confiction in 1990. This essay came to me on a floppy disk through a third party, so I don't have any additional information. If anyone can help to clarify this, please let me know.)



"All New Gen" by VNS Matrix
(what can I say... another item on the back burner)



Lee 'Scratch' Perry
(this will be part of The Upsetter magazine, eventually... until then, check his bio)



*note: Still under development. Edward Jason has very kindly made the contents of his magazines available for inclusion in Mark/Space... sorry for the delay.
Also, the contents of The Upsetter No.1 are no longer in my computer... so, it looks like they'll have to be retyped (don't hold your breath).

"i/o/d" edited by Simon Pope and Colin Green
"Path" edited by Edward Jason
"The Upsetter" edited by Henry W.Targowski

*note: While you're waiting, do check the magazine section in the library for plenty of reading material.

Magazines Index


Original reviews will (hopefully) be appearing here...
(since I can't personally cover all of this myself, other reviewers are welcome to submit material or links).

Meanwhile, here's a list of new arrivals and upcoming releases... all of which I highly recommend.

New releases and recent arrivals:

test pressing Various Artists
(1996, TIP) -- goa techno... new 2-disc compilation album (info forthcoming)

Mystical Experiences by The Infinity Project
(1996, Blue Room Released BROO5cd) -- ambient techno

Feed Your Head Vol.2 Various Artists
(Planet Dog) -- ambient techno... deep sound

Feed Your Head Vol.3 Various Artists
(Planet Dog) --

The Missing Two Weeks (Covert Dub) by Spectre
(1996, BMG Records 74321 29655-4) -- ambient dub

Red Star by The Panther Moderns
(1996, Weathered Leather Records PMRS1001) -- pomo punk...
featuring vocals and lyrics by John Shirley

Clubs & Music Hangouts

New Books and Recommended Reading

Barnacle Bill The Spacer and Other Stories by Lucius Shepard
(1997, short stories, science fiction, horror, fantasy)

The Beat Generation Writers edited by A.Robert Lee
(1996, non-fiction, anthology, essays)

Beggars Ride by Nancy Kress
(November 1996, novel, science fiction... genetic engineering)

Bunraku by Pat Cadigan
(1998, novel, science fiction)

Chaos Come Again by Wilhelmina Baird
(October 1996, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk)

Ciphers by Paul Di Filippo
(1997, novel, slipstream)

City Come A-Walkin' by John Shirley
(June 1996, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk... revised re-issue)

The Cobweb by Stephen Bury
(September 1996, novel, science fiction)

Cyberpunk Handbook by St Jude, R.U.Sirius, Bart Nagel
(1995, non-fiction, cyberpunk... very amusing)

Cythera by Richard Calder
(February 1998, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk...Orbit, London, UK, pbk, ISBN 1-85723-533-9)

Deception Well by Linda Nagata
(February 1997, novel, science fiction)

Diaspora by Greg Egan
(15 September 1997, novel, science fiction...Millenium / Orion, London, UK, hbk, ISBN 1-85798-438-2... robots, virtual reality)

Door Number Three by Patrick O'Leary
(December 1995, novel, science fiction... aliens, UFOs...
highly recommended)

Eating Memories by Patricia Anthony
(August 1997, short stories, science fiction, slipstream)

Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century by Mark Dery
(1996, non-fiction... social history... highly recommended)

Evolution Isn't What it Used To Be: The Augmented Animal and the Whole Wired World by Walter Truett Anderson
(1996, non-fiction... posthuman)

The Exploded Heart: The Trajectory of a Science Fiction Punk by John Shirley
(June 1996, short stories, lyrics, science fiction, cyberpunk)

Fractal Paisleys by Paul Di Filippo
(1997, short stories, slipstream)

The Gift by Patrick O'Leary
(November 1997, novel, fantasy, science fiction)

God's Fires by Patricia Anthony
(April 1997, novel, science fiction... 17th century, inquisition... highly recommended)

The Golden Nineties by Lisa Mason
(November 1995, novel, science fiction... time travel... self-contained sequel to The Summer of Love )

Holy Fire by Bruce Sterling
(June 1996, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk... life extension)

Hotwire by Simon Ings
(1995, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk... highly recommended)

Idoru by William Gibson
(September 1996, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk)

Jack Faust by Michael Swanwick
(1997, novel, science fiction, slipstream, cyberpunk...Avon, New York, US, hbk... highly recommended)

Kamikaze L'Amour by Richard Kadrey
(June 1995, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk)

Let's Put the Future Behind Us by Jack Womack
(1996, novel, fiction... black humour, russia...
highly recommended)

Lightpaths by Howard V.Hendrix
(September 1997, novel, science fiction... first novel... utopia)

Maximum Light by Nancy Kress
(January 1998, novel, science fiction... biotechnology)

Memory Seed by Stephen Palmer
(1996, novel, science fiction... first novel)

Mississippi Blues by Kathleen Ann Goonan
(November 1997, novel, science fiction... sequel to Queen City Jazz ... recommended)

Mr Nice: An Autobiography by Howard Marks
(September 1996, non-fiction, autobiography... smuggling, cannabis, counterculture)

Nanotime by Bart Kosko
(November 1997, novel, science fiction...Avon, New York, US, ISBN 0-380-97466-5... near future)

The Nature of Smoke by Anne Harris
(June 1996, 1st novel, science fiction... biotechnology, genetic engineering, chaos theory)

neoAddix by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
(January 1997, novel, science fiction... cyberpunk/manga fusion... first novel)

Nothing But the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image edited by Susie Bright, Jill Posener
(1996, photographs, anthology... recommended)

Nymphomation by Jeff Noon
(9 October 1997, science fiction, slipstream...Doubleday, London, UK, hbk, ISBN 0-385-40812-9)

Oaths and Miracles by Nancy Kress
(January 1996, novel, techno-thriller)

Parasite by Pat Cadigan
(work-in-progress, science fiction)

Pirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegades by Peter Lamborn Wilson
(1996, non-fiction, social history)

Queen City Jazz by Kathleen Ann Goonan
(1995, debut novel, science fiction... nanotechnology... recommended)

A Sacrifice of Fools by Ian McDonald
(1996, novel, science fiction, murder mystery, thriller...Victor Gollancz, London, UK, ISBN 0-575-06075-1)

Schismatrix Plus by Bruce Sterling
(December 1996, novel, short stories, science fiction, cyberpunk... 'Shaper/Mechanist' collection)

A Second Infinity by Michael D.Weaver
(June 1996, novel, science fiction... far future utopia, longevity)

The Shift by George Foy
(July 1996, novel, cyberthriller... virtual reality)

Silicon Embrace by John Shirley
(1996, novel, science fiction, cyberpunk... UFOs)

Society of the Mind by Eric L.Harry
(1996, novel, science fiction, cyberthriller... artificial intelligence)

Spares by Michael Marshall Smith
(October 1996, novel, horror)

A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire by Don Webb
(1996, short stories, postmodern, slipstream)

The Stone Canal by Ken MacLeod
(September 1996, novel, science fiction)

Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities by Mary Rosenblum
(15 July 1996, short stories, science fiction, fantasy)

Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories by James Patrick Kelly
(August 1997, short stories, science fiction...Golden Gryphon Press, Chicago, Illinois, US, hbk... nanotechnology and other issues... Foreword by John Kessel... highly recommended)

The Third Force by Marc Laidlaw
(1996, novel, science fiction... CD-ROM spin-off)

The Third Pandemic by Pierre Ouellette
(May 1997, science fiction...Pocket Star Books, US, pbk... fatal epidemic)

Walls of Lights by Tom Maddox
(forthcoming, science fiction...
*note: Does anyone know the status of this book?)

Wildlife by James Patrick Kelly
(1995, novel, science fiction... nanotechnology... surreal)

Recommended Reading
Magazines Index

*note: This section of Mark/Space magazine will mostly feature the latest 'postcyberpunk' science fiction books. A few other genres and some non-fiction will occasionally sneak in. On the whole, it will be future-oriented.
The best of the lot will wind up in the recommended reading section, and the rest will be consigned to the general library archives.

New titles are being added as I manage to read them. I'm removing previous titles to make room for new ones... this will be on a more-or-less regular basis. Other reviewers are welcome to submit entries (and links) for consideration. [check Alan Wexelblat's review of Dirty Work by Pat Cadigan].

I'm also tempted to list new publications of interest, even when I don't have a copy myself. This means no link to a synopsis or review... more like a bulletin. Let me know what you think. Publishers are welcome to send review copies.


Poems by Ira Cohen

"The Acoustic Architects" by C.J.B.Foy

"Apocalyptic Dolly" by C.J.B.Foy

"The Cybernetic Lobster" by Henry W.Targowski

"Dead Robots" by Henry W.Targowski



Anachron City... highly recommended)

Warehouse 2


Manuscripts received:

"Kabbalistic Garden Studies" by Alex Aronsohn
"Om Man. (Yogic position number 9.)" by Alex Aronsohn
"The Wheel Of Strife" by Alex Aronsohn


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